All about Bristol

Uncover a city rich in captivating history and intriguing tales. From daring bungee jumps to world-renowned hot air balloon manufacturing, Bristol is a treasure trove of fascinating stories that will leave you in awe.


The first bungee jump took place from the Suspension Bridge

On 1 April 1979, a member of Oxford University’s Dangerous Sports Club bungee jumped from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and a new sport was born around the world.

Bristol is the world’s biggest manufacturer of hot air balloons

The hot air balloon is a classic symbol of Bristol. Cameron Balloons in Bedminster makes the most hot air balloons out of anyone in the world. Bristol even has its own festival to celebrate them

The Concorde originates in Bristol

The world’s first commercial supersonic jet was designed and built in Filton, April 9, 1969 and had its last official flight touching down at Heathrow in 2003.

Home of pirate Blackbeard

Legendary pirate Blackbeard, (otherwise known as Edward Teach), called Bristol his home. He had a hideout in Redcliffe caves and the home of his birth still stands on the harbourside.

Bristol is the home of Aardman Animation

For over 40 years Bristol has been home to the creators of Morph and Wallace & Gromit.

Fry’s Chocolate

In 1847 Fry’s was the first company to make a moulded chocolate bar suitable for large scale production.

Bristol Blue Glass

Bristol Blue Glass are widely regarded as the original blue glass manufacturers and have been producing in Bristol for over 150 years.