Shane sets Dalata’s stall out

Q&A with Dalata’s Corporate Development Director, Shane Casserly

Would you consider developments in continental Europe?

We have a lot of strong building partnerships in the UK and Ireland, but we don’t have those on the continent. We certainly wouldn’t put the company in an exposed position by taking a very open development risk. Within the Irish market, we understand development in Ireland. A lot of us had a history of working in the UK as well, so we understand the inherent risks around construction work there.

But if you asked me in 2022 if we were going to buy a development site in Amsterdam, it would have been a straight no. As we get more comfortable in new geographies, we are more willing to look at those type of opportunities. If something came up in Düsseldorf now, we would certainly have to consider it. I suppose the hill is less steep, but it’s still there.