Dawn Wynne

Chief People Officer, Dalata Hotel Group
Our new Dalata Difference site celebrating the heart and soul of Dalata Hotel Group - our incredible people. This platform is dedicated to sharing your inspiring stories, highlighting our culture of camaraderie, and keeping you updated on any new initiatives. Thank you to all who contributed, and take a moment to savour a slice of Dalata life.

As Ireland’s largest hotel group and growing across the UK and Continental Europe, it’s important we not only attract the best people but also retain them. Central to our growth is our firm belief in learning and development. We understand that in order to sustain growth, we must nurture the talent within our ranks.

As you know, we have really exciting expansion plans which will present enormous opportunities for further development as you take the next step in your career with Dalata. One of our most significant achievements lies in the creation of an authentic, fun culture that is reflected in our employer brand. We understand that a vibrant internal culture not only boosts employee morale but also resonates with our guests. You’re not just employees; you are ambassadors of our brand, and your enthusiasm radiates in the memorable experiences you create.

We really want the pages of The Dalata Difference to be a platform where we can celebrate you and everything you do. In a company of over 5,000 employees, it’s impossible for us all to know each other, but we hope this publication helps bring us that little bit closer together. With that in mind I want to thank everyone who has contributed to our first edition. I loved reading about the new back-of-house furniture in Bristol and, while I always knew we have lots of ‘bright sparks’ at Dalata, Maia Gotthard Jones takes things to a new level. I really hope you enjoy this first edition. Take some time to put your feet up and enjoy a slice of Dalata life.

Take Care


This is your platform which will be shaped by your engagement, so if there is something you would like to see on these pages in future editions, then our door is always open. We welcome your feedback and can submit content for our next edition by emailing thedalatadifference@dalatahotelgroup.com